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31st December 2008/1st January 2009 - "New Year's Eve - Back again"

MetalbeerA long time no updates on this page, mainly because there has not been any party in my bar so far. I had to focus on my job education (becoming a teacher) and had some trouble with it. Trying to get along with all that has happened in between it seems that I forgot to take time for special moments like I used to have in my bar some years ago. My bar has always been a place to escape from reality for the moment, to think of something else and to get power for the future. It have always been some special moments spending time with with different friends of mine.
This time it has not been such a big party, because I had to work on New Year's Eve, again at Daimler, where I have been working as a security guard for some years from time to time. Schorschi arrived in the afternoon at my flat and we prepared some things before we went to my Metal-Bar. It's been great, talking to eachother about past, present and future! Without knowing before it had become a "Gamma Ray overbalanced" evening, because we watch their latest Live DVD, including the bonus material and it has really been "AWESOME, AWESOME"!

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(1-3): Schorschi and me at the beginning of the evening

(1-3): The bar at the end of 2008: still being a special collection of my first metal-years

(1-6): Just like 4 years ago we had fondue and this time I had my laptop with me, connected to my stereo and we watched the new Gamma Ray live DVD.

(1-4): Me, fooling around in my bar

ShorshyShorshyMe & Edguy, Sonata Corner
Me & Edguy, Sonata CornerHandyman ShorshShorshs empty beer
(1+2): Schorschi at my bar,(3+4): Me in my Edguy & Sonata Arctica Corner,
(5+6): Schorschi checking his SMS and with his empty beer

Shorsh and meShorsh and meShorsh and me
(1-3): Schorschi and Harald

(1-5): The first shots after midnight

Shorsh & MeShorsh & MeShorsh & Me
(1-3): Some more crazy shots from us

(1+2): "On the bass, Mr. Schorschi!"

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