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21st October 2001 - "Grand Opening"

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(from left to right: me, Sabine, Tobias, Jan)

This one became the first real big party which I called the "Grand Opening Party". It really had been a cool party we had a lot of fun. Jan, Tobias and I invited a well known friend from all of us, her name is Sabine, who joined us. Up to that time I had finally finished the room and we all realized that it is a cool place to be and to celebrate.

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Part One
(The beginning of the party)

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A little break to go and eat something

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(Guess which of the glasses is mine!) ;oP

Part Two
(A little later that evening)

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Harald (and Jan) going kind of crazy, cool trousers, eh!?

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(1): Who is this? A drunken bar keeper?, (2): No it's just drunken Tobias! ;oP, (3): Wow, this must be me! (4): Tobias

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(1): Tobias on the bas-guitar, (2): The music couldn't be loud enough for me! (3) Me rocking' out of the window!

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(1): Tobias taking more than one seat, (2): Jan never get's tired of rockin', even without alcohol, here together with Sabine,
(3): Tobias and Sabine ;-)

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(1): Hmmm was this supposed to be a group picture!?,
(2): Tobias plays the guitar very hard and later kicked my speakers while rocking

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