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1st February 2002 - My birthday

I was really looking very forward to this day as you could imagine! It was a good reason for me to finish the Metal-Bar because so many of my friends were supposed to come to this party. Hehe, the tiny little problem was that I had so much fun preparing everything for the party the night before that I almost got drunk the night before *smile*. I have been online chatting and surfing, decorating the rooms and having a lot of fun!
My birthday was also very cool and we all had a good time. At the beginning almost all kids from our neighbourhood came to say "Happy Birthday" to me. Special thanks to Dominique, Christopher and Léon for serving the cold drinks, don't mind the broken glasses! ;-P
A little later a lot of friends from University came to join the party and I was very happy about it! I will never forget that whole day. And finally I was able to invite Stefan Max a very kind classmate from my last school.
At this point I want to say thank you to all people who had been at the party and supported me! It was great to have you here! Thanks to all kids who helped cleaning up the next morning: Christopher: "Puh, Harald, it smells so awful down here" and "Harald, they made you drunk last night!" I will never forget this special day as it had been one of my best ones! It was so good for me to see all the kids and friends with me 'cause life sometimes is very hard and it was shortly before my birthday.  "Through hard times you find out who your real friends are!"

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Part One
(A good mixture of photos of the guests)

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(1): Léon, Kevin and Dominique playing the drums, (2): In the front: Jan, Sabine, Maik, Tobias
(3): "Special Showpart" by Harald (note: it has been not a problem at all to empty 5 Liter!)

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(1): Long awaited guests: Metalhead Stefan and his girlfriend Susanne; Tobias on the right,
(2): My collegues from University: Kevin, Marc, Hannah, Anne, Marc,
(3): Tobias and Maik together with two girls (Nicole and Anna) we met in a pub a week before

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(1): Marc, Matthias, Kevin and Anna, (2): Wow, another new guest infront of the Miller's fridge:
Roland, another good friend of mine, (3): The girls of the party discussing hot topics?

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(1): Susanne, Maik and Tobias, Jan and Sabine in the background, detail of Tobi see next photo!,
(2): Tobias showing how many Hefe-Weizen he already had! *smile*,
(3): Well, Marc together with me, a great team of future teachers! :-P

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(1): Matthias, Anne, Hannah and Maik, (2): Sabine Krüger but not my sister (THANX for the delicious cake!),
(3): Roland rockin' although it's not his kind of music

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(1): Maik, rockin' on the sofa, (2): Tobias showing us "the bird in his head", (3): Tobias, what's up with you?

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(1): The two surprise guests of the party, (2): Well, that's me a little later that night....., (2): ...talking to the "red-haired girls"

....hmmm, Björn is missing, he came very late and therefore he is not on the photos.... SORRY!

Part Two
(Special section of Harald and Tobias showing the crowd how to rock - NO COMMENT)

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