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16th February 2002 - "Secong Big One"

This was a kind off added party to my birthday party because not all persons have been able to attend to the first big party. I also wanted to invite Amrei, a girl I played together with in a band some time ago. The guest that evening where as usually Jan, Tobias and furthermore Tobias Schrader, the guy I want to record the CD with, his girlfriend Yvonne, Amrei and Björn who already had been at my birthday party. Well, I have to say that we were very loud this evening... maybe a bit too loud!? [My mother some days later: "May I drink the rest of the Red wine?" - Me: "Sure, i don't drink wine at all" - My mother: "And I don't sing when I am drunken!" ;-)] enjoy the pics of that night!

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(1+2): The whole group of guests, Jan, Amrei, Björn, Tobias S., Tobias K., (3): Yvonne and "Monster Tobias S."

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(1): Björn and Amrei smiling to the camera, (2): Tobias and Jan, (3): Harald drinking the rest of Beck's and Björn

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(1): Harald rockin', (2+3): Now together with Tobias S.

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(1): Björn couldn't believe what he sees: two crazy guys doing their show, (2): Yvonne and Amrei, (3): Tobias

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(1): This is a much nicer shot from the two beautiful girls: "Amrei, when will you finally be 18 years old?",
(2): Jan serving another beer, (3): They didn't want me to do another photo of them I think!

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(1): Tobias S. with his Beck's beer, (2) Tobias K. getting a phone-call, (3): Harald and Björn, two Metalmaniacs

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(1): Nothing more to say: Tobias!, (2): Crazy 'Weenie Harald, (3): "The Big Barkeeper" Tobias

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