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08th February 2003 - My birthday celebration

candle.jpg (32944 Byte)A little later than I had planned, my second bigger birthday party took place in the "New Metal-Bar". This will be a page to remember this great night which I hope won't be the last one! It will be a bit bigger because many different kind of pictures were taken. It was a little bit bigger party than the year before, because I had a gig with my projekt-band with Stefan and Marcin. We did a very rocking gig with some special effects and solos. I tried to play with burning drumsticks which did not work the way I wanted it to be, but I will improve on that for sure! There are photos of our gig, too. This time I invited some more and other friends of mine. Jan-Georg, Florian, Agnes, little Daniel and his family (Claudia, Sonja), Tina, Anna, the tall Frederik were new at my Metal-Bar this year as well as Maja with her mate and some other persons, sorry if I do not mention all of you! Although I felt a little bit ill (Yes, again and again!) it became a cool and loud party.
Thanks to everyone who made this night "A night to remember". First of all to my family for allowing me to celebrate, especially to my mom for the best and delicioust catering ever! Thanks to Tobias Tante, Tante "Walli" for the great salad! Thanks to my band colleagues Stefan "Peavy" and Marcin for this special performance (no thanks at all to Jan-Eike), to Jan for big help with the party and the fire performance. Thanks to Getränke STAUDE for supporting me with cool ald cold drinks at a fair price, to Christopher for being such a kind servant ("Drink faster, drink faster!"). Hi to Janne for sending sms messages from Sweden that day and wishing me a party that kicks ass! It would be too much to name everybody I would like to say thank you this time, but you know who you are, eh?

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birth30.jpg (118357 Byte)birth31.jpg (99141 Byte)birth33.jpg (113838 Byte)
(1): Claudia, Sonja, Jan-Georg and Florian at the bar, (2): Sonja, Jan-Georg, Florian, Björn, Agnes, Daniel
(3): Matthias, Sabine, Jan-Georg, 'Metal-Maniac' Stefan

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(1): Frederik, Jan-Georg, Florian, (2): mixed: Hannah, Marc, Julia, Kevin, Stefan, Harald,...,
(3): Dancing Maja, Harald, Marcin and Tobias & Sabine in the back

birth36.jpg (93920 Byte)birth37.jpg (80724 Byte)birth38.jpg (98045 Byte)
(1): Dancing Maja, Harald behind Marcin and Tobias & Sabine in the back, (2): Hehe, Maja & Harald ;-x, (3): Maja & Susanne

birth41.jpg (118929 Byte)birth42.jpg (107355 Byte)birth40.jpg (76494 Byte)
(1): Maja, Susanne, Jan-Georg, Frederik, (2) Jan-Georg, Harald, Maja,
(3): Björn, Florian and Hannah, Marc, Julia, Matthias, Harald in the back

birth43.jpg (104030 Byte)birth44.jpg (107120 Byte)birth46.jpg (82208 Byte)
(1): Sabine, Susanne, Marcin and Stefan in the second room, (2): Jan, Marion, Alex, Susanne,..., Marcin, (3): "Mr. Metal Shorshy"


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I had already played in many bands and band projects up to now and I hardly could find a band I wanted to continue playing the drums in. I hardly ever had so much fun as I had with Stefan and Marcin and we will hopefully continue rocking the house and crowds!? We practiced for about one month and here is the result:

our fucking cool setlist:

Intro (Iron Savior - The Arrival)
Slayer Intro
Harvester Of Sorrow (Metallica)

Summer Of '69 (Bryan Adams)
Enter Sandman (Metallica)
For Whom The Bell Tolls (Metallica)

Guitar/Drum-Solo (Stefan/Marcin/Harald)
Drum Solo "Burning Sticks" (Harald)

Last Caress (v. a./Metallica)
Knockin' On A Heaven's Door (Bob Dylan)

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band_1.jpg (81354 Byte)band_2.jpg (103721 Byte)band_3.jpg (93598 Byte)
(1): What's behind the dark curtain?, (2): Aaaahhhh, there it is, my 'little' drumset!, (3): 'My' new guitar player Marcin

band_4.jpg (65951 Byte)band_5.jpg (89980 Byte)
(1): The setlist of that night, (2): Marcin ready to rock and roll!

The Equipment

band_6.jpg (77084 Byte)band_7.jpg (82324 Byte)
(1): Marcin's PEAVY amplifier and YAMAHA guitar, (2): Stefan's MARSHALL amp a lot of cables but no guitar

band_8.jpg (66906 Byte)band_9.jpg (92873 Byte)
(1): I wonder if this will be enough VIC FIRTH sticks to play?, (2): A look behind the black curtain: PREMIER & PAISTE

The Performance

gig_1.jpg (107938 Byte)gig_2.jpg (104880 Byte)gig_3.jpg (112353 Byte)
gig_4.jpg (142279 Byte)gig_5.jpg (87473 Byte)gig_6.jpg (79982 Byte)

The "Burning Sticks" Solo

gig_7.jpg (50914 Byte)

(1): Hardly anything to be seen, just imagine this effect in reality!

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Out-Takes ;-)

out_4.jpg (81636 Byte)
(1): 'The barkeeper Chris 'plopping' a beer

out_8.jpg (111334 Byte)out_1.jpg (88883 Byte)out_7.jpg (79671 Byte)
(1): Harald getting prepared for the new party, (2+3): "Harald wants out"

out_2.jpg (107876 Byte)out_6.jpg (84188 Byte)
(1+2): Tobias

out_3.jpg (93386 Byte)out_5.jpg (65324 Byte)
(1+2): Jan and a nice close-up of him

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