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08th March 2003 - "Remember Rock Party" & "I want out"

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(from left to right: Agnes, Tobias, Jan-Georg, rockin' Florian, Jan)

metalparty_3.jpg (47928 Byte)Wow, this was a hot one, man!
I wanted to celebrate a kind of Metal-Event "I want out" after my last birthday party in my bar. The first reason was that I didn't feel that well on my birthday party, but I wanted to sit together with my best friends again. I invited Jan, Tobias, Jan-Georg, Florian and Agnes. We started early in the evening because I didn' want to let it become too late in the night at the end. I was very happy to celebrate again in my bar after such a short time, my flat hasn't been ready that time, so it was perfect to use the bar again. My mother again prepared a delicious plate with food and we almost totally emptied the fridge with the beer; there's left no Hefe-Weizen anymore, were has it gone? biggrin.gif (949 Byte) We emptied one of my Franziskaner barrel very quick, it was great to drink it after so much Guinness in between. The party soon became hot and rockin' but for sure not too loud because I didn't want to get on my family's nerves. We listened to Helloween, Masterplan, Iron Savior (especially because it's one of Flo's favourite bands since we've been to the Savior concert a while ago) and many other cool CDs. One thing I will have to keep in mind is: not to sit behind the bar with the feet on the shelf, if I don't want to have more broken glasses. Or maybe I should repair the shelf!? biggrin.gif (949 Byte) Somehow the night became a little too long for some of us. We left at about one o'clock and walked some minutes because our subway came later and we didn't want to wait for it. I think at this time I should better stop telling you what happened in detail but I can say that it was a very funny walk, not sure if I could still call it walking what we did. In town we didn't want to go home, so Jan-Georg, Florian and me went to the Irish Pub for some beers. The trip home was again very much fun, except some parts of it. But very strange: why did I suddenly see Florian and Shorsh twice?

Again thanks very much to Jan, Tobias, Jan-Georg, Florian, Agnes and my mum and to Franziskaner for this great evening!

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(1): from left to right: Jan-Georg, Florian, Tobias, Agnes and Jan behind the bar, (2): Tobias, and good friends Flo & Shorsh,
(3): Jan-Georg laughing at something

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(1): Jan-Georg and Florian rocking, well, was it a Savior song?, (2): Agnes and Tobias,
(3): Agnes, Tobias, Jan wanted to be part of the picture as you can see!

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(1): Jan and I behind my bar, (2): Rare and good shot of Agnes!, (3): Cheers Flo!

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(1): Hey Tobias, cool shot for your new Visitenkarte!, (2): Florian and Jan-Georg hanging up the fallen picture,
(3): The are finished and celebrate their success not breaking the glas!

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(1): Again Jan-Georg and Flo rocking, (2): Mr. "I want out" Harald, (3): No air but chair guitar!

mk82.jpg (270481 Byte)mk83.jpg (271540 Byte)mk84.jpg (253674 Byte)
(1): Jan hiding his face Part I, (2): Jan hiding his face Part II, (3): Florian and Jan-Georg, you aren't leaving yet, are ya?

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(1): Tobias: chairs are to sit down on them!, (2): At that time the cupboard was still OK!,
(3): Cool shots of Jan-Georg and Flo, (4): Mad Saussage Jan-Georg

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(1): Jan with his face, (2): Jan with the emptied Franziskaner "Fass", (3): Tobias playing air guitar,
(4): Jan: what the HELL are you ding there with Tobias?

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(1): Florian drinking Beck's but NOT in the sun, which I think was better!, (2): Florian talking about cool music probably!?
(3+4): Bei Tobias gingen die Lichter nicht aus, sondern an!

"The Cupboard and the broken glasses"

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(1): The "BIG CRASH", (2): Harald showing the broken glasses

cupboard_3.jpg (245535 Byte)cupboard_4.jpg (226274 Byte)
(1): Florian and Jan-Georg rolling on the floor laughing, (2): Jan-Georg showing a piece of broken glass

Irish Pub

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pub_finale_3.jpg (187715 Byte)

Downtown & Way Home

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